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Critical Care references

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Buy online the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support Course book. You should also take the course. It is a two day course offered by SCCM and will give some valuable introductory training. Critical Care Nursing Texts can also provide some interesting bedside troubleshooting for lines and tubes and other things you will be called on. SCCM also has some excellent books that are review prep for Intensivist Boards. You might find them on Amazon. One is called "Adult Multiprofessional Critical Care Review."

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good tutorial online here : http://www.ccmtutorials.com/


Critical Care study guide and review...includes info on procedures and major critical care topics. It is one of the texts our ICU fellows use. http://www.amazon.com/Critical-Care-Study-Guide-Review/dp/0387773274


As always, the "bible" The ICU book by Marino, it comes as a handbook or the original text

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Here are some great books I've been using during my last 9 months working in cc:

-Critical Care SECRETS by Parsons

-CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment of Critical care by Lang

-Evidence Based Practice of critical care by Deutschman


The Current book is my favorite. It read easily and I love its tables and charts. When I first started, a lot of people suggested Marino's (sp?) The ICU Book, but I've found these books to be less dry than that one. Good luck.


And thanks to the above poster for the APACVS critical care conference announcement!

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