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Interview impressions

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I don't want put anyone at any advantage compared to the rest of us that have already interviewed. So without divulging any specific interview questions........the interview was great. Be prepared though, there are two main groups.....everyone is told to be there at 12:00 PM and they take half and tell the other half to comeback at 2:30 PM. So I basically just sat around twiddling my thumbs for 2 and a half hours. They give you a brief intro, then you tour the facility, see a student presentation, and have a 15-20 min. interview. Not necessarily in that order. Most everything but the 15-20 min. interview is WSU trying to sell you on why you should come to their program. The interview is where you sell them on you. My interviewers were super lax and we basically just chatted the whole time. There were questions, but they weren't that hard. I guess everyone is supposed to be asked about the same questions and you are given a score. It's a great school with a great reputation. Compared to the other schools the facilities are a little older, but don't appear to be lacking. Hope this helps.

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