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Open House on Oct. 8th

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There was some great info revealed today from the open house. I'll share what I learned and hopefully it will help others:

-There were over 2900 applicants for this cycle for 70 seats.

-Here's what happens to your applications once they are sent out by CASPA:

*they go to Kirksville MO. who sifts through them to make sure you have all the proper pre-req's, if not they file it in the circular file bin and you are done.

*once in AZ, each application is looked at by the directors asst. He/she breaks them down into groups according to specific criteria referred to as "rubics" He wouldn't get specific on what each rubic was but examples would be: experience, GPA, education etc...He showed us an excel spreadsheet with the breakdown of it and it appeared to have about 8 different areas. Only one area is subjective and that would happen during the interview process. Each one of those areas is scored.

*Interviews are extended to those who score within their parameters according to the rubic findings(he will not disclose what they are)

*Applications are looked at in order so Rolling Admissions do apply.

*Once you interview, the dept. chair (M. Goodwin) will decide which people were a good fit.

*Goodwin presents a committee (the other interviewers) with the applicant info once again and they are the final decision makers on who gets in. This happens after each and every interview session. I think there are a total of 6 dates.

*He told us today that 1/2 the slots are still open. He said he was on track to have about 250 more to look at.

*He was very ambiguous about PT care experience. Basically you will be put on the spot when you interview and asked to share your experience so they can pin point things to ask when they have you in front of them. So if you think you will BS your way through this, think again.

*Pre-req's are good "5 years from DATE OF APPLICATION"

*They ARE considering incorporating the GRE for future classes. He advised that there would be notice given on their website just like did for the Biochem requirement.

*Oldest student ever accepted by the program was in her mid 50's.

*He said to take the most rigorous courses to make yourself stand out.

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Great info.. even though I've already interviewed I would have loved to go. Did he by chance let the open house group know how long it takes to get back after the interviews? I know a few of us are waiting.. I know no news is good news, but considering rumors on the forum that they usually contact the accepted the next week is sort of disheartening for the waiters!

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Hi FM,


During my 7 min interview with Mr. Goodwin, he explained the process with me in detail (It took up almost our whole 7 min, which was interesting). There were a couple of things that I was told slightly differently than what you have.


All was the same up until-

After interview day a meeting takes place in the conference room. Candidates are presented with their rubric scores individually to the group. It's the individual interview panel that actually nominate a candidate for admission. Admission is voted on amongst the group. Goodwin holds individual veto power, but told me that he does not override to accept. He was very specific that he doesn't decide who fits, the staff does.


Those scoring highest on rubric with nomination are called first, and may be given time to decide if not an immediate accept. For example, I interviewed on a Friday, was called by Monday evening, and given approximately two weeks to accept/decline.


I hope that helps you guys. It shows just how important the interview with the staff is. They ultimately end up picking/nominating you.

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Hi Cbero,

I wasn't notified of your post but wanted to respond:) It has been a few weeks since I was there but the way Goodwin put it out to us, he has his picks, they have theirs and they are the final decision makers like you said. He gave us an example of a person "they" picked one year that bombed and he laughed and said "you picked 'em, I didn't". He came off as a bit of an egomaniac. So did you accept or go somewhere else?

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