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Interview questions...

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Hi everyone,


I have an interview coming up with UF, fingers crossed! Couple questions I was hoping some of you all who have interviewed could help with?


-Does UF do some sort of writing piece on the interview day? I think I remember seeing this on the website awhile back, but then it changed?

-What is the group activity like?

-Do you suggest taking a brief case with CV's, application copies, etc.?

-How soon do most people know whether they are accepted or not?


Thanks in advance :)



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They no longer do a writing assignment, it changed to a group activity. The group activity, at least in August when I went, consisted of groups of 3-4 that were given a "problem" topic and asked to discuss it, develop a plan, etc, without any input from the moderator. It was still a work in progress at that time, and they would try to get as much feedback about it as possible once it was over in hopes of refining it a bit. It was very laid back, just try to be as thorough as possible. Most guide/information forums will tell you to take a CV and other stuff with you, but it is not necessary at UF. They have a binder on you that you may see them look through during the interview. It has all of your materials in there. Time frame for finding out about acceptance is broad, stretching from immediately after the interview until January. A handful from each interview session find out within 48 hours, the rest will not know for sure until the interview process is completed in December. Good luck.

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