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Failed PANRE

PANRE Failure Type  

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  1. 1. PANRE Failure Type

    • Failed the New PANRE, Never took the old PANRE
    • Passed the New PANRE, Never took the old PANRE
    • Failed the New PANRE, Passed the old PANRE(s)
    • Failed the New PANRE, Failed the old PANRE at least once

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There are a few threads running re: the recent problems with the new PANRE. Perhaps we can put some numbers to it with this poll.


The first 2 choices apply to those who have only taken the new PANRE.eg how good is the test in and of itself.


The second two are for those who have previously recertified- those who have never failed a recert and those who have a previous PANRE failure. eg, how does this PANRE compare to previous PANREs.


This is looking at testing practicing PAs, so I didn't include previous PANCE results as they relate to those who have taken their first PANRE since the recent change in the exam.


Results are anonymous.

Thanks all.....

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Thank you Andersenpa for starting a poll. I think someone commented on another thread that those who failed are small in number and there are always going to be some who fail. I think he was missing the point that these people complaining of failing since June 1st did well on past PANREs and did well on practice exams after significant studying yet failed "miserably" on the recent PANRE. I believe they were led to this forum after helplessly searching the internet (myself included) to find some answers how this could have happened. I also could not find any such complaints anywhere on the internet from previous years...these complaints are definitely new. Unfortunately I'm not sure how well-known this forum is to get good data. I work between 2 hospital systems and ask PAs whenever I can if they have ever heard of this forum. None out of probably 40 or so have. I encouraged them to visit here. Thanks again for trying to help get some momentum going.

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