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AAPA update on the name change

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So, I have at least a little information from the AAPA after speaking with some friends.


First, they are very impressed with the letter writing campaign, so keep it up.


Second, they are planning to survey AAPA members with the annual census survey. It will not be open to EVERY AAPA member, but will be a representative survey instead.


This was done for a few reasons, but partly cause response rates to PA surveys have been dropping radically over the past few years. I know mine was only 7%, Venettia just published a study with an 8% RR, and another classmate of mine only got about 4%.


We used to get 20% or better. So there is a valid concern that we are oversampling and oversurveying PA's, therefore questions may be randomized in a representative sample so as to avoid oversampling.


SO, IF YOU GET AN AAPA CENSUS SURVEY, PLEASE FILL IT OUT....you may have been one of the one's randomized into the test group.


Third, they are starting a discussion with ARC-PA, NCCPA, and the PAEA about the "terminology we use to describe ourselves" which is actually not directly about the name change, but it is invariable that it will be at least a part of that discussion. This will be evolutionary and will take time.


Fourth. They encourage every member to contact their constituent organizations (state or specialty chapters) and have someone bring the topic to the HOD. This issue must be dealt with through the HOD. This is how the academy is set up. There is no existing policy on whether or not the name should be changed. There is a policy HP-3100.1.2 which states that "Physician Assistant" is the official name of the profession, but there is no language discussing never changing the name.


Again, it has to go through the HOD. Technically the board can bypass the HOD, but to be honest, after talking to a bunch of people, they feel that this issue is WAY too important, and too big, to be handled in that manner. It must go through the HOD.


There might also be an article on Business Insider here soon about this.

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