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Concerns DIRECTLY for Pre-PAs

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Hello everyone!


I am about to interview several PA students who are in different programs/schools for the article I will be writing for this site. Anyway, before I do, I would like to ask all the Pre-PAs if you guys have any major concern or even just curiosity questions for the PA students I will be interviewing. Let me know.




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1) Adjusting to being a PA-S (Strategies for Studying during Didactic Phase, staying connected to family/friends, etc)

2) Application Process (How many application cycles did you go through? How many interviews? Why did you pick you're school?, etc)

3) What preparations would you recommend before starting (beside HCE, prereqs, and shadowing)

4) What do you wish someone would have told you before starting down this path?

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I have a few.......

  1. Undergrad courses that you are glad you took because you find them very helpful now.
  2. Undergrad courses you wish you would have taken.
  3. Undergrad courses you think were a waste of time and not needed.
  4. How are you paying for PA school?
  5. Did you pay for a GRE prep-course? Or studied on your own?
  6. In your opinion, why did you get accepted and hundreds others did not?

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