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2011-12 Application Cycle

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Guest askyoulc

Yeah, I've applied to Jefferson. Besides the snail mail letter that they'd received my application, I haven't heard a thing from JCHS. Do you know when they're supposed to be getting in contact with people?

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Hey ya'll! I'm a 1st year at Jefferson so feel free to e-mail me with any of your questions: cepilgrim11@onejeff.jchs.edu


I heard in November I'd have an interview January 29th. I heard 5 days after my interview that I'd gotten accepted.


Last cycle there were 744 applicants. Avg gpa was 3.41 with range 2.8-3.9. The average GRE was 1166. most people had lots of hours but I don't think that matters.


Message me if you want more questions about the program answered!



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I'm a 1st year and just wanted to put some thoughts up that I've shared with a few inquiries via p.m.s:

Here’s some stats about our current class

— Classes started August 22, 2011

— 40 students enrolled

— 744 applied (applications received in the dept.)

— 107 were interviewed

Current class

— 31 women (77.5%)

— 9 men (22.5%)

Age (same as last year)

— Range: 21 - 47

— Average: 26

— Ethnicity

— White non-Hispanic: 85%

— Other: 15%

— Asian/Cambodian: 2.5 %

— Asian/Korean/White: 2.5%

— Black non-Hispanic: 2.5%

— American Indian: 2.5%

— Hispanic: 5%

— National average minority 26% (2009-10 data)



— Pharm Tech.

— Medical Assistant


— Respiratory Therapist

— Mental Health Clinician

— Scribe

— Phlebotomist

— Physical Therapist Technician

— Diplomatic Security Officer



— Average GPA: 3.41

— GPA range: 2.95 - 3.96

— National Average: 3.45 (2010 entering class)


— Average Math & Verbal: 1056.25

— GRE range: 800 - 1460

As far as the interview. I remember getting a phone call from Kathy, the secretary in November. My interview was January 27th, I think, of 2011. I flew in for the day and it started out with just an info session about the program. There were 1styear students, and a Q&A time. From there we were kinda stuck in a “holding tank” before our group/individual interviews. I had my group interview first and it was me and 4 others with 1 faculty. They asked us an ethical question and we discussed and presented. We were asked about a Jehovah’s witness Pt. who needed a blood transfusion. There’s basically no “wrong answer.” My individual interview went well. They asked me what a PA was and a little more about myself and what I wanted to do in medicine. I noticed at all my interviews, the most common question was, “Do you have any questions for us?” so just come prepped with lots of good questions about rotations, involvement in AAPA, international rotations, preceptors, etc.

It’s hard for me to know exactly what PA schools are looking for. I think having high scores is huge. Like anything. Transcripts are the lazy way to week out people. I know in our class we have 5 people over 40. And they seem to favor locals. 18 of us are from VA.


I hope this helped and message back with other questions. BEST OF LUCK! Don’t worry! If you wanna be a PA, try hard!!! There is always a way!!!

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@Jaybyrd - Congrats!! I interviewed Friday morning. I am on pins and needles! I'm a nervous wreck!! Have you made your final decision yet???


No final decision yet. I have been accepted into a couple programs and waited listed at one, so I have figure out what is going to be the best place for me. Hope you hear something soon :D

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