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Baycare Credit Card

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OK, call me naive, but since I don't work in the ER or pay much attention to hospital accounts receivable I was somewhat taken aback by this revelation and wanted to know how prevelant it is;


I work for within the Baycare organization in the Clearwater Fl area. Turns out they have their own credit organization complete with Visa. As people come thru the ER the check-in process involves presenting your insurance info and paying up front for copays, or if you are self pay paying the whole amount. There are credit reps available to "help" you sign up for your new credit card (which incidently can only be used within the Baycare system).


I think this is an amazing concept, forward thinking concept. Evidently they will be making this credit plan available for private practice patients now at 9% (Baycare is 6%)....


My facts may be off here, but you get the basic concept....

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