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Can't seem to find any ERs in NYC that don't want YEARS of experience...

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I went to Stony Brook and a lot of Stony Brook students rotate through Queens Hospital (EM, OB-GYN, Surgery, etc) which is why they tend hire stony brook students.

It is tough as a new grad trying to get into ED position in NYC area.


However as a prior BI employee, a few exceptionals can get a job as a new grad in main ED and see critically ill patients, but be aware IT WILL BE ROUGH for the first year. You will be under constant stress and pressure, although you won't regret the valuable experience later on as a starting EM-PA.

So here it goes:


Beth Israel Medical Center (Kings Highway Division) in Brooklyn, NY is hiring a full-time EM-PA for Main ED position (NOT FAST TRACK). It is a busy community hospital. Motivated new grad, we are willing to train but prefer at least 1 year experience as EM-PA.



If interested, please send me a message.

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