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A&P vs. 300 level anatomy course help!!

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Hello everyone.


I graduated in May of this year where I had to take Human Physiology and lab for my neuroscience concentration. I took this in the fall of last year. With one semester left in my undergrad, I had planned on taking Vertebrate Anatomy, but at the last second, the biology department cancelled the class due to a lack of registered students. I had no time to take A&P 1 or 2 at that point, so I took microbiology instead. 


I'm currently taking A&P1 and lab at a community college and plan on taking A&P2 and lab at the same community college next semester. I had done my research on the pre-reqs required for PA schools, and I even emailed the schools that I was interested in asking if the A&P sequence would substitute for their required anatomy course. 


For some reason, I had not reached out to one school that I had already applied to, and I got an email from them today asking if I was planning on taking a 300 level anatomy course. I asked if A&P would substitute, and they said that they need the class to be taken from a 4 year university.


I am so stuck on what to do because as we all know, community college is a good way to save money and I am so close to being done with this pre-req that's required of every other school. At the same time, there is no guarantee that if I do take the 300 level anatomy course that I'd even get an interview or acceptance from this school. I already applied to the school and sent in a supplemental, so I'm thinking that maybe I should save the money I'd use for that anatomy course to reapply to other schools in the next cycle. But then again, because I already have the one semester of Human Physiology, maybe taking the one semester of Human Anatomy wouldn't be a bad idea.


Any and all opinions would be helpful.

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