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Hi gang,

I'm hoping you all can help me. I have been working with a solo practice physician for 3 years now. We make an excellent team and he is very easy to work for. Regardless, I feel like I am being shorted financially and I am trying to work with him to improve my compensation/benefits package. Here is what I get now:


$109,000 base salary, includes stipend to buy own health insurance policy

bonuses - basically quarterly, generally always $1,000 pre-tax, amorphously tied to my production/performance

2 Fridays off per month + 4 weeks of PTO (vacation, sick, and CME leave)

CME allowance of $2,000 /yr

reimbursement for cell phone

DEA, CDS, licensure all paid

membership in ~2 professional societies paid


I routinely work 50+ hrs/wk and routinely take work home on the weekends (3 ish hrs of patients papers to review that I just don't have time for during the week or discharge summaries, etc)


I suggested the idea of additional pay based on services I referred for (for example we do in house EMG/NCS and I assume benefit financially from every referral for an in house one that I make) and for surgeries I assist in. I have also requested an improved benefits package to include more money for health insurance, paid disability coverage, life insurance, etc.


In the interest of full disclosure, I am also considering just leaving this position to do something else like hospitalist. I am feeling burned out on this job and not completely certain that I want to keep fighting to improve this compensation/benefits package.


Thanks for your insight & help!

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Financial depend on location state. I do agree though that most of the time health insurance is separate from salary since it seems ever year it goes up. Good health plan/ disability on its own can cost $5000/ year.

Are you the only PA/NP in the practice. If you are able to get good financial reports or EMR, talk to him about productivity compensation where you get certain percentage after seeing so many patients.

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