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Personal statement concern

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if your certain field mirrors the school's preferred field of choice, I don't see much harm. If you are applying to a number of different schools which all have different mission statements/focuses, then you may alienate a school. For example, if you apply to Medex/UW and include the fact that you look forward to working in pediatric oncology when you finish school, it may not win brownie points since they are a school that focuses mostly on primary care.


Talking of what you plan to do in the future can be worded in a way that does not dominate your PS or tip your hand...I think the PS needs to focus on who you are, and what you have done mostly. The school is looking for students who have been exposed to medicine, understand what they are getting into, are not afraid of hard work and being outside their comfort zone. The fact that you are going into XYZ field really doesn't tell them much about WHO you are...just says WHAT you are dreaming of. Plans change every moment of every day due to a wide variety of circumstances.


Keep things generic..."I look forward to be part of the team and am very excited to be here". Something maybe not quite so cheesy but you get the idea.

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