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Now that I have an official acceptance (wooooo!) its time to start worrying about paying/eventual loan repayment.


I have the unfortunate situation of being about 50K in debt from undergrad. 35k federal loans and 15K private. Luckily my program is relatively cheap comparatively to most other schools, I should be about another 80k in the hole including my cost of living for the next 2 years. This makes my grand total ball parked around 130K.


For those who have or are doing the minimum repayment option in hopes of having their loans forgiven after 10 years, do you know if this applies lump sum to your other federal loans from undergrad as well? (Yes I know this dosent apply to the private loan portion).



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Check out studentloan.gov


There's a repayment calculator and if you either log into your account or accurately pick the loans you have/will have (stafford, PLUS, undergrad) it will tell you what qualifies for which repayment plan (i.e. which do and do not count for the loan forgiveness).


Keep in mind, I think there are stipulations for that 10 yr forgiveness - like you have to work in nonprofit and be making lower income than average or something - it's not for everyone.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have little knowledge about loan payment and repayment. Guys here teacher PA given a better suggestion. You can follow it or if you wanted to know more then let me know. I'm just researching about your problem. If I found then update you. Thanks.

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