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Stony Brook Post-Professional Masters

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FYI that Stony Brook is offering a distance/online track for their postgrad masters program, since 2010.

I am a SB alum; it is a great program with a strong history. Any of you considering a distance masters, check it out:




According to the site the tution, based on 30 credits, it

10,470 for state

16,560 for out of state


They allow you to take as long as 5 yrs to complete it.

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I remember Pete Ingraldi at my Queens sugery rotation....there was a carboard box of sandwiches in the OR lounge....

"Nothing like a QHC PB&J"

Best rotation by far.....


That guy was a great surgeon. I remember first assisting with him on a case and he asked me to close a big incision. Told me I had 10 minutes to do it, and got the rest of the OR staff to hum the Final Jeopardy theme while he timed me!

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