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Did you all get this action alert? And did you call somebody?

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Your Assembly Member will be voting on the important CAPA-sponsored legislation which will allow PAs to continue treating patients and providing consultations in the ER. SB 233 (Pavley) would amend section 1317.1 of the Health and Safety Code for the purpose of clarifying explicitly that a physician assistant can provide treatment and consultation in an emergency care setting.


This legislation is needed due to an issue which arose at Mission Hospital in Orange County. In this instance, a physician assistant was prohibited by the hospital from providing an orthopedic consultation in the Emergency Room. The hospital pointed out that existing law does not explicitly authorize a physician assistant to perform “consulting” and “treatment” services in an ER setting – that these services can only be performed by a physician. This law is in conflict with Federal law, the “Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act” (EMTALA), which permits physician assistants to provide consultations in the emergency department. SB 233 would make State law consistent with Federal law.


If you work in the ER or in a specialty which provides consultations to ER patients, this bill is vital to the work you do on a daily basis. Even if you work outside of the hospital setting, your Assembly Member needs to hear from you about how vital PA services are to all patients. It is essential that ambiguities in the Health & Safety Code which can lead to reductions in emergency room services be clarified in order to ensure timely, safe access to emergency treatment for all Californians.

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Hey California ER PAs and ER PA-S wannabes, this is for you:


From California Academy of Physician Assistants: SB 233 to be heard on the Assembly Floor early next week! Contact your Assembly Member first thing Monday morning and request their "aye" vote!


Call CAPA for more information.

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it passed! Strong work Cali PA's!!!


here's the email:


"SB 233 has passed and will become law effective January 1, 2012. This new law solidifies the future of CA PAs working in the Emergency Department and those PAs working for a specialty service which does consulting in the ER.


Thank you for responding to our requests for emails! It DOES make a difference when the Governor receives over 1000 emails - it shows him that PAs care about the issue. And thank you for your continued membership in CAPA. We cannot keep having these legislative successes without our valued members.


Watch your CAPA magazine for details about the bill, or you can read the attach copy of the language."

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