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General question for CNA personal statement

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My application is already submitted, but I was thinking today about something I wrote and have gotten myself worried! I am currently working as a CNA in surgery services at a nearby hospital. Although my scope of practice as a CNA does not technically include things like wound care and removing staples, I am often permitted to do such tasks (after being trained). I wanted to make the point in my personal statement that I am eager to take on more responsibilities and be able to provide more care for patients, and listed a few of the things that I have been trained to do on my unit. However, I am really worried that I did not make it clear enough that everything is supervised. I don't want admissions to think that I am irresponsible because I did things that are technically outside of my scope of practice! I would really appreciate any opinions... I hope this doesn't ruin my chances for getting into school :-/

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