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Yep. Talked to them last week. Positive and negative experience really. The person I talked to (neither Monica nor Elise) said that interviews go from October to March. They were nice enough to look at my packet but then said that inspite of my 12k hours of direct hands on experience as a military medic, that I might not meet their "shadowing a PA," experience. Excuse me?


Once I explained what a military medic did, especially MEDEVAC/Dustoff Army flight medics, she seemed more confident that I did a bit more than just shadow (but didn't seem completely sold; lowering my expectation for an interview).


Good luck to everyone!



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Sigh, my application is on hold because they want me to retake the GRE. I had gotten a 440 V and 770 M and although I met the total of 1000 easily with 1210, they want me to retake for the extra 10 points on the verbal =(. Was hoping they would let that slide cause others had gotten an interview without out, oh well looks like I'm planning on retaking. The admissions lady said that the rest of my application was pretty good and met everything so if I can achieve the GRE scores I'll get an interview. Seeing as how it's the new GRE now, the cut off scores haven't been set yet so we'll see how that goes.

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@Tarheel1 you may want to look for hotels in Alhambra (91801 or 91803 zip codes) the area is really safe so I don't think you will have any issues there. There is a lot of construction going on so you may want to try to stay close and leave early for your interview.


@dtothesquare Be sure to take the GRE again. Some times I feel they want to see how interested and dedicated you are. I had to retake the GRE. The test has nothing to do with you as a person. I am sure if the rest of your application is fine you will most likely get an interview. Just be sure to study more verbal and make sure you do the best you can (that's all we can ask right:) and the rest will fall into place. Don' t worry too much.


@christel Good Luck on your interview! Just be prepared for them to ask you "what have you accomplished since" and most of all remember to be yourself. Its really cliche but believe it or not thats all they want :)


And just to give some of you a "piece of mind" I submitted my application in August of 2010. I didn't here from USC until Feb of 2011. I interviewed in March of 2011. AND finally received my acceptance phone call in early May. It is a long process, but during the entire time I learned a great deal of patience. I refrained from contacting them by phone because I know how hectic it can get if every applicant decided to call.


I communicated with them through email mainly the main email on the website and some one always got back to me. I attended 2 information sessions (one before I applied and one after I submitted my supp app).


I can't think of anything else, but if you guys have any questions please feel free to post.

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Good luck to everyone interviewing this weekend! Their interview process is really great and they try to make you very comfortable. If it is the same as last year, then it is a "closed" interview, meaning they don't look at your file beforehand or ask you direct questions. It is a lot more general questions (tell me about yourself, why pa, why usc, etc.). Likely with a faculty member and alumni, so be prepared to ask them questions. I believe the interviews were about 30 minutes total. Good luck!

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