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What am I worth?

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I'm going to be renegotiating my contract for the first time. This is my first and only job; rural WY

making 70 a year and 12,500 in loan repayment (considered taxable income). After some research, I am over paid; other research says I'm underpaid. Any thoughts on what I'm worth? I can see 16 to 20 a day, but usually my volume is lower. Any feedback or good sites would be hugely appreciated!!!

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tricky question. basically you're worth whatever your employer and the market thinks you're worth. think of yourself as a piece of real estate. if you're a house in beverly hills you might be worth $5,000,000. if you're that same house in downtown detroit, you might be worth $30,000.


it all depends on where you are, what you're doing, what the market demands are, and what your employer is will to pay you.


you could always move to a different area of the country for more $$, but then you're going to have a different cost of living so it might be a wash.

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sounds low to me


Review the AAPA salary survey (if not a member of AAPA join and buy a report)


Tells you all that you need to know and more, but 70k is pretty low these days


also don't think that rural means low paying - these are the hardest jobs to get people into and I have seen some pretty impressive pay rates for rural care....

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