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Need Advice. Where do I go from here?

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I'll give you a full background of myself and hopefully you all can direct me in the right direction.


I'm 23.

Degree: Chemical Engineering

uGPA: 2.7

GRE: 720 Q, 440 V, 4.0 Writing

Have the following courses completed already: Gen Chem 1/2, Organic Chem 1/2, Physics 1/2, Biology 1/2, Sociology 101


Have less than 1 year work experience but with a real company (Southern Company).

Other things:

Volunteer with Children's Hospital


Where do I go from here?

Do I have enough to apply to PA school?

I am very serious about school. About a year removed from undergraduate has really put things in perspective for me. I'm way more mature than I was while in undergraduate, and I know I would work my tail off if given the opportunity.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum. I may recommend you post this down in the Pre PA forum as it's much more applicable there. Perhaps the moderator will move your post for you if you ask.


The short answer is each school has their own list of pre requisite classes/standards that they want from their applicants. Not meeting those basic requirements by the prescribed time line typically equals your application not making it past the first trash can it passes close to.


Low GPA can be off set sometimes by high amount of health care experience (we're talking a few thousand hours...a few years of direct care). Conversely, no health care experience can be offset by high grades in the eyes of some schools. It's looking like you have neither. Most schools need to see a science GPA of B's at least. On the good side...you know where you need to go from here...get a job taking care of people while you take health science classes and score As in them...good luck.

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There are quite a few ways of getting health care experience while getting your pre-reqs done and boosting that GPA. You can become an EMT, Nurse's aid, medical assistant, or even a hospice (not all schools count this as HCE though). EMT programs can range anywhere from about a month long to about 6 months, CNA programs can be just a few weeks long, and MA programs are usually around a year or so long but i have heard of hospitals hiring MA's that aren't certified and they just teach you how to do the job.


I would say you should definitely try to get into one of these programs ASAP and gain some HCE to strenghten your application.


It sounds like you definitely are motivated and willing to work which is great to see. Good luck, man!

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