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Don't be nervous, Arcadia's interview process is the best. There are no curve ball questions and you will feel very comfortable. Just make sure you know why you want to be a PA (of course), get a good night's sleep, and show up on time! Which campus? Glenside or Christiana?


p.s. they feed you lunch, in DE they got us panera mmmmmm


I believe all interview notifications are by phone.

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Hey TBM I am a glenside Arcadia U student (c/o 2013). The interview process is the same as DE. Very relaxed and they will not try to trick you. Many of us had one difficult interview and one personal interview (though they are not called that). AKA one interviewer wanted to know thought provoking PA questions and the general interview questions you would expect while the other wants to know about you as a person and your communication skills. Best of luck!

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I'm also a current first year student at Glenside so you can message me if you have any questions or anything (I will try my best to check this site once in a while, haha!). As for the interview, last year they gave you two different interviews with two different faculty members - one interview was PA-oriented and one was all about you. For the PA-oriented interview, they ask the basic questions...why PA? What experiences do you have, what did you get from them? Shadowing? etc. etc....From what I remember, there were no situational-type questions (however, if they change that and ask some this year, don't yell at me! haha). The all about you interview was more open ended so try to think of what you'd like to share about yourself/your life and try to give them a real sense of who you are. I was really nervous when I interviewed because it was my first PA school interview but the process at Arcadia is great and the faculty will definitely put you at ease. Good luck everyone!

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