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PA to shadow in NY area

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Sorry to bother all the Professional PAs but I am in desperate need of a PA to shadow. I have been looking since last year and I can't seem to get past all of these rules and regulations in all the offices and hospitals.


A little about me: I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor in Science. Currently living in Brooklyn. I've shadowed MDs and PTs but obviously no PAs


Looking for someone in any of the boroughs and Long Island. Thanks for your help!

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Hi there, I also live in Brooklyn, and work at a big academic center in Upper East Manhattan as full-time ED PA and per-diem at local hospital in Brooklyn. I can tell you both hospitals requires you to fill an application for certain position (research assistant or volunteer) and you can get to know other PAs from there to shadow.


Try to apply for volunteering position. If you can get in as a volunteer, that would be great..

Try Beth Israel Medical Center - Kings Highway. The hospital in Manhattan where I work is so huge, I imagine it's harder to get past all of the rules/regulation.

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