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Contract Help! (Southern IL)

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My doctor/employer (an OB/GYN practice) stated that I would be covered under his malpractice insurance. There is no language in the contract that he offered addressing this fact. I don't think that he left it out intentionally, because he has yet to hire a PA. Does anybody have good contractual language addressing the issue of employer-provided malpractice insurance? Obviously, I am looking for tail coverage.


Also, can anybody comment on the following to let me know if this is okay for a new graduate:


Salary: 80,000

Vacation: 3 weeks (should I ask to be able to carry these forward to future years?)

CME: 1 week and expenses paid

Sick time: 5 days

Health Insurance: I will be on my husband's insurance policy

401(K): I can't participate until 2013, and there is no set match amount. This is based upon a larger provider's plan, of which this doctor participates.

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Well the salary is on the low side even IF you were getting health insurance through them. You need to ask a higher salary since this offer is low and you aren't getting health insurance. I would shoot for 90 and see what they counter with. You won't get a great salary but it would be better then what you have now. Also the 401K plan is not in your favor. 2013? I don't know when you are planning to work for them but that is a long way away. Don't want to sound negative, just wanted to give you an honest review.

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Umm... $80,000, fresh out of school as a unproven new grad, in southern IL. ir "Low"...????



To the OP: The offer looks good... and don;t worry about the insurance... its NOT a issue because that physician WILL NOT leave himself open to liability.

The only insurance question or concern I would be sure to have in writing would be who will be responsible for "tail-coverage."





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