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Searching for a PA to shadow in the Bay Area, CA

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I plan on applying to PA programs this upcoming summer 2012 so I am searching to shadow a PA in the Bay Area. I currently work in clinical research gaining my health care experience and patient contact hours here since January 2011. I have my Bachelors of Sciences in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and only need one more class that I am taking this fall to fufill my pre-reqs, but I would still be able to shadow in the mornings and/or weekends. I would definitely make time for it because I not only need the hours but would be ecstatic to meet, work with, and have a professional relationship with a PA.


I live in San Leandro, CA but am able to travel for any PA willing for me to shadow them. Any help or opportunity would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.




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