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Any thoughts on this offer from private gastroenterology practice?


$45/hr for 24 hours a week (weekdays)

1 in 5 weekends

Two comp days after weekend.  Option of working one "comp" day for $100/hr.

No call

No benefits other than malpractice and licensing fees

1-2 holidays per year.  Paid $100/hr.

Position will be a mix of clinic, inpatient and consults.  Approx 2 patients an hour for clinic, 12 patient panel on the floor and amount of consults will vary.  I will also be responsible for managing another PA's inbasket (lab results, imaging results etc).   



I have 6 years experience as a PA (in surgery, ED and family practice).  I am currently working in a practice with a malignant practice manager and I am hoping to find a good alterantive.  The hourly rate seemed a bit low, based on what I've been offered in the past and by the AAPA salary report.  They are not negotiable with the rate because they state it would not be fair to the other PAs that work there.  The practice manager there and physicians seem wonderful.  Very eager to teach.  Trying to weigh out the pros and cons.



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hourly rate is to low


I get $65 per hour for per diem


I get well north of that for my primary job


They tilted their hat (so to speak) with the $100/hr for comp and holidays



As for the hourly "not being fair to other PA's" - this is not your problem - and honestly if you are doing it with out bennies your hourly should be noticably higher.


I would get the per diem rates for the local ER or hospital and say that this the rate - or just say $45 is fine with full bennies, or they can do $65 per hour with out any bennies.


most employers I know bennies kick in at 20 hours - not 35 or 40.....





They would pay a doc well north of $100/hour

You need to be at least 60% of this rate otherwise they are just taking advantage of you

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That hourly rate is very low.  I had an offer similar to that recently where the "base" rate was around 45 and then potential of a large bonus that would bump it closer to 60/hour.  I declined. I was also told that they could not negotiate a higher rate because of it not being fair to the other PAs that were currently contracted at that rate.  Unfortunately that seems to be a recurrent theme in practices with multiple PAs that have accepted lower pay than they reasonably should.   Otherwise it seemed like a great practice, reasonable work load etc..  I have been in GI for 10 years, I can tell you your collections for the office will be good, it is a specialty and reimbursement is better than in family practice.  65/hour without benefits is honestly the lowest I would go, and even then with a year or two at the practice you should be able to get that increased.  Considering you do have experience, you will pick up the specifics of GI practice very quickly with your background.  You have 6 years of experience you should not be at 45/hour, also think about how long it will take you as far as raises to get to a reasonable 60-65/hour base?  I would also encourage you to have them keep account of your collections.  I have been able to negotiate so much better, and far above the average hourly rate just by knowing what kind of money I am bringing in to the practice.  I am a very good clinician, and very good to my patients but unfortunately in medicine money talks and knowing your contribution to the practice monetarily is essential. 

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