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Interviews? (For 2012 matriculation)

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I sent out my app in mid July. Recieved a confirmation letter shortly there after. Last week I recieved an email saying that it was under review and the dates of the interviews.

Brief Stats

-Bachelor in Forestry

-Bachelor in Medical Biology

-GPA 3.42, science GPA 3.42

-patient care hours = 6,500 (approxiamately)


Best of luck to you and everyone else.

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I worked as an EMT-B on an ambulance crew for a year and for the past 3 years I have worked as a certified anesthesia technician. Starting IV's, arterial lines, assisting with central lines, intubating patients, running cellsavers and balloon pumps etc.

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I haven't heard from UNE yet this year but I interviewed last year and it was awesome. Everyone was so nice and the interview was very laid back. I was on the waiting list then and am crossing my fingers to get in this year. Those of you with interviews don't worry too much about it. They had two personal interviews with local PA's and faculty and they also had us all write a narrative. Good luck!

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