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Should I re-take prereqs at a community college?

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I received a few C's in my prerequisite courses and have been thinking of retaking them. The problem is the cost for one credit as a post-bacc student is about $600 as opposed to a community college which runs a little over $100. I understand a course at a CC may be less challenging. I have been looking at the requirements of my schools of interest and they say little about this. I think just retaking these courses would show my dedication. I would love to retake them at a university but it would take a year of my earnings to pay it off. Can anyone give me some insight on what PA schools think of community college credits? Would it improve my application or is it not worth it? Thank you in advance everyone! 

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Yes, take them at a CC.  Save your money, as well as increase your learning: often, CC professors are actually people who *like teaching* rather than overworked graduate students.  As a motivated learner ("this will help me not kill patients someday"), you might just find that not only is it far cheaper, but the learning environment is much more influenced by how much effort you, personally, put into the class.

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