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PAs and alternative medicine

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The problem arises when the roles are mixed and the supervision requirements get convoluted.


Ex: A PA/ND or a PA/DC, or a PA/L.A.C... doing allopathic stuff and prescribing allopathic meds/treatments without a MD/DO supervisor.


Or the above PA/ND or a PA/DC, or a PA/L.A.C... rounding in a inpatient Allopathic setting (presumably supervised by a Allopathic or Osteopathic physician in this setting) prescribing/proscribing non-authorized CAM to inpatients.


Simply put... this PA/L.A.C... doing accupucture on a patient in the telemetry unit or the ICU probably won't fly... and cause a bit of a mess because this PA is likely not credentialed by the hospital board to do this on inpatients in this facility and the average SP is not likely to be able to supervise this practice.

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Yeah... I've seen both.

I've seen PAs in Alt Med with clearly delineated roles and supervision doing well and I've seen my share of PAs get into a mess by confusing roles and scopes of practice.


I.e... PA/DCs with "Dr." on their labcoats in Primary Care or Ortho Settings being sanctioned by the BOM.

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