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Will you be using influenza antiviral a this year?

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It's that time of the year as we all prepare for the influx of sicker patients (if it hasn't already happened) and barrage of email reminders to get our influenza vaccines "or else": flu season.


With the increasing barrage of doubt cast on the influenza antivirals, will you all be using these this year? What about for your really sick, and/or hospitalized patients? Thoughts?



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Unfortunately, I have to worry about standard of care - is it still considered standard of care to give Tamiflu to the very old, very young, very sick patients who contract influenza?  I believe that, for now, it is.  So the way to avoid losing a lawsuit is to give the med and discuss he potential for limited efficacy as well as the potential neuropsychiatric side effects.  Document that the Pt preferred not to take the med after hearing the SEs and you will be protected.  But I think we still have to offer it.

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Tamiflu only reduces symptomatic days by 1.3.

The flu still sucks.


Some insurances will not cover it unless you have proof of Flu A/B by test.

Our office manager will not buy the inhouse tests - as though it is her decision - another issue altogether.

So, if we suspect flu - we can treat and/or run a nasal swab to the lab that takes up to 36 hours - so much for the 48 hour window....


I will use it in high risk with known flu and within the 48 hour window or if patient requests.

Someone actually dropped off samples to our office the other day - weird.


Viruses suck and they do cause folks to miss work, be contagious and have to use common sense to heal - fluids, rest, appropriate contagious precautions, etc.


Doing the best I can with what I have to work with.....................

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