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STATS for Accepted students!

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The website says this:


"Admission to the Duke PA Program is very competitive. The following information describing recent candidates will allow prospective applicants to realistically assess their chances of admission, and to plan accordingly. For the PA class entering in 2011, 717 CASPA applications were received. Two hundred and thirty-six applicants were interviewed. Eighty applicants accepted the offer of admission for the Fall 2011 entering class. PA class size is typically 80 students per year.The ranges of academic and experiential qualifications for the middle 50 percent of accepted applicants for Fall 2011 were as follows:

  • Overall GPA: 3.3 – 3.7
  • Natural science GPA: 3.2 – 3.6
  • Total natural science credits: 46 –68
  • GRE General Test scores:
    • Verbal: 487 – 572
    • Quantitative: 607 – 700
    • Analytical Writing: 4.0 – 4.5

    [*]Months of full-time patient care experience: 15 – 35

Although this represents the range of qualifications among accepted candidates, each application is evaluated on its individual merits. Evidence of academic potential, knowledge of the health care system, motivation, personal maturity, self-assurance and good interpersonal skills will weigh strongly in the admission decision."

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The cool thing is....the stats that I know of in our class are so varied that it really is of no use. Duke does a great job of going beyond the stats and getting at who would make a great practitioner. Open House sheds a lot of light on things, and you'll get to meet current students in person!!


Best Wishes

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