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Help! Two acceptances, 15 days to decide!

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I need help deciding!!  I have two acceptances and have less than 15 days left to decided whether or not to deposit to the 2nd one.


Program 1: PANCE- 100% pass rate in the past 13-15 years

             - has full dissection for anatomy

             - early exposure: every Friday morning has 4 hours clinical exposure in hospitals, clinics, and all specialties starting either 1st or 2nd week of classes

            - clinical rotations: 9 five week rotations, ALL LOCAL, max 1 hour away from campus but housing provided

            - length: 24 months

            - missing requirements: NONE

             -location: rural


Program 2: PANCE- 97% (goes up and down but always above national average)
    -has post-dissection for anatomy
    -early exposure: every other week at affilated hospital during 1st year
    -clinical rotations: 6 five week rotations +2 primary care
    -length: 27 months
    -missing requirement: medical terminology
    -location: city


    1. Program #1 is less established/known than program #2-> will this affect job offers? (i heard from drexel student that some of the preceptors told her/him that some jobs only accept PAs from a list of PA schools just because they are a good rep)
    2. Program #1 is more known locally
    3. Program #2 - classes in very old building (no windows) vs. Program #1 - classes in state of art building (lots of windows)
    4. Program #2 is known for higher attrition rates than program #1.. .then again program #1 is smaller in class size than program #2
    5. If I chose program #2, then I still have to fulfill medical terminology course.



I prefer the building, classrooms, and friday morning rotations of program #1; however, I also prefer program #2's clinical rotations since I get to see vastly different environments. I also prefer dissection, which program #1 has... so I have no idea anymore.. Originally, my gut said program #1 since I could see myself there more than program #2 but after talking with doctors at work and family members, all say program #2 since it might "open doors/job offers" since it is located in the city and more well-known. I was thinking about this and realized that perhaps clinical rotations trumps classrooms/building but then again... i still have to take medical terminology for program #2, which is going to be another $720 if I cant find an online credited one...


Overall question: looking at the two programs facts above, which one would provide more job offers? If I could go to program #1 and have equal job offers than if I went to program #2, then I would go to program #1. Main reasons I would choose program #2 over program #1 would be reputation, potentially more job offers in famous hospitals/locations.... so this goes back to the question: does going to which PA school matter when you apply for jobs?


BTW... both programs are ACCREDITED.

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IMHO, I'd go to program 1 but that's me. 


What's the COA for each?


BTW, city jobs usually mean less pay. There's more negotiating room when it comes to rural because there are less clinicians out there. However, cross that bridge once you get there (:


Also, based on what recent grads are posting about job and salary, and what seasoned PAs are commenting, it does not matter where you graduate from. 

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haha sorry xD I accidentally pressed posted before typing up program 2.

as for COA- program #1 is cheaper; however, if i go to program #2, I don't need to worry about housing so higher tuition balances it out; therefore, cost is pretty much the same.. I prefer to work in Philly, NJ/NY/DE and both programs are located in 1 of those regions

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There is no one answer or there'd only be one school. You could be successful at either place.


If the total money is not much different, pick the place that seems the most supportive and gave you the best sense of belonging.


From your words (not mine), that sounds like program #1, to you.


Personally, I'm not a fan of programs that have high attrition rates, especially if coupled with large classes. And I'm a fan of windows.


if an employer likes one school over another (rather than evaluating me against someone else), I'd just as soon work somewhere else.

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You seem to want to go to program #1. You even labeled it "#1." You don't provide any evidence that program #2 is better than #1, only that it has a better reputation. Here's how I feel about reputation: A great reputation (like Duke or Emory) MAY help. Or it might not. Unless the school has a BAD reputation it won't hurt you. Avoid schools with a bad reputation and don't worry about the reputation of the others as a deciding factor. Good luck! 

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