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How to write proposal for increasing scope of practice at hospital??

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New grad with first job here, working in surgery doing ortho, general and OB/GYN along with clinic days and wound clinic. I also help round on patients on the floor. Work at a small critical access hospital where there are 3 physicians who are on the hospital medical board who are not PA friendly. They don't like the PA model and feel threatened by us. They recently placed ads in the community stating they were the only clinic where they can see "real doctors". They do not work in the hospital but in the community as primary care providers. I would like to start placing lines, doing thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures. They are currently being done by CRNAs, and the surgeons. These procedures are within our scope of practice and one of the surgeons I work with says that we should be able to do them. She wants me to write up a proposal for our next surgery meeting, and I have no clue how to go about writing one.   


Any thoughts on how to best approach this situation. I took this job for the learning opportunity at this hospital and would like as much exposure and experience as I can get while I am here.



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