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Accepted Stats!?

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I am a prospective applicant to the PA program. Hoping to apply for the 2018 cycle. I have a research background mainly with no clinical experience whatsoever. I have managed to get myself a volunteer position at a local hospital and was wondering what I should do for the hands on part? Has anyone with a similar background as mine managed to get  HCE? Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!!

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cGPA: 3.47 (important to note GPA trend; was at 2.71 freshman year, and ended last 2.5 years with 3.95)

sGPA: 3.78

Pre-req GPA: 3.9

GRE: 162 V, 159 Q, 4.0 AWA

HCE: 2600 ER scribe, 600 scribe trainer, 60 administrative assistant at woman's health clinic

Research: 125 volunteer and 520 as undergraduate research assistant, received UROP grant, presented research at conference, third-author publication; 1200 hours as junior scientist, presented research at conference.

EC's: 200 administrative assistant at non-profit integrating children back with at-risk parents, 60 hours on faculty-elected financial committee, 200 hours at rock climbing cooperative, 120 hours as TA for undergraduate psychology course.

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