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Advice Please

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I am graduating this Spring with a BS in Chemistry from a public university in California. As a chemistry major I didn't have to take many of the pre-reqs that are required for PA school so I am just getting to many of them now. Here are the ones that I have left: General Bio 2, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Statistics, and Spanish. 


I am currently debating whether I should squeeze in as many pre-reqs as I can before I graduate, or if I should squeeze in an EMT-B program before I graduate. If I take the emt course I can begin earning clinical hours soon after graduation, but if I invest my time in the pre-reqs then i'll have less of them to worry about after graduation. 



Here are the two schedules I am considering:


Spring 16

Inorganic Chemistry (this isn't gen chem. its advanced inorganic, taken only after completing a year of quantum mechanics)

Inorganic Lab

Research (working with silver nanoparticles, possible medical applications in the future)

Writing course (saved this for my last semester)


Psychology 101

Spanish 101

Units: ~20


Spring 16

Inorganic chem

Inorganic lab


Writing course


EMT program

Units: ~13 + emt units


What do you guys think is in my best interest for the upcoming Spring semester. 


Thank you

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I would try to take out as many prereqs as possible prior to graduation, then do the EMT classes for a few reasons: you can get better financial aide when you're still working on your undergrad; after you graduate, you often lose all seniority, making getting into classes postbac difficult; and I personally dislike working and going to school, so I would want to avoid having to deal with classes while working as an EMT.

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