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Air Force scholarship (HPSP) to pay for PA school

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Would anyone who has paid for PA school on an Air Force scholarship be able to talk a bit about their experience with that?


I have only been accepted at one school so far, which will leave me graduating with about ~160K of debt. If this ends up being the only school I'm accepted to I'm still going to attend. I know it isn't smart to get into this much debt on a PA salary, but I don't want to wait around another year and go through another application cycle.


Specific Questions:


How long before starting PA school must one start the application process for this scholarship?


Does the 3 year service commitment start immediately upon me passing the PANCE or must I do some kind of boot camp/training beforehand that won't count towards the 3 years?


Do I have any control over where I am stationed? At all?


Do they cover any school with an accredited masters PA program?


How competitive is it to get this scholarship?



I'd appreciate any information you can offer! If anyone as taken a different military scholarship to pay for PA school (navy, army, etc) I'd be interested in hearing about that too!



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My Air Force health care recruiter said there are 14 scholarships nationwide. Packets will be boarded August 6th.  not sure if that is for the southwest region only.  There are 7 one year scholarships and 7 two year scholarships available. Full tuition paid up to 24 months. Minimum service obligation is 3 years for the one year scholarship and 4 years for the two year scholarship once you have completed the program.  Also, there is a living stipend you receive each month.  You don't do anything military related until you graduate. There is no time in service accrued.  I did speak to a Navy recruiter and they are full for next year.  The application cycle for next fiscal year will open in October and it first come first serve. That scholarship won't be paid until a year after I start school. This scholarship is different.  It gives you E6 active duty benefits (your time in service will be counted if you have served previously) approximately $2435.70 plus BAH per month and Tricare health care insurance (which is free and amazing btw).  Your service obligation starts when you are in school, but they do not make you report for anything. No tuition is paid.  The application process seemed easier than the Air Force, but wasn't for me.  If this is something you are looking into feel free to PM me.  I have been active duty army/army national guard for 9 years. Also, look into the Public Health Service Corps scholarship and the NHSC scholarship.  It is another best kept secret for getting money for PA school. 

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