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HCE - EMT or PT Aide Dilema

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I'm a career changer and am currently working on my prerequisite courses.  My only HCE as of now is some ED volunteer work, so I was looking into some HCE jobs.  Since I'm working full time and trying to go to school full time, I was looking for a part time or per diem position that I can start to accumulate HCE hours.


Some members here recommended Physical Therapy Aide because it requires no certifications.  I found a Physical Therapy Aide spot at a local hospital that was per diem, so I had applied.  That was about 6 weeks ago and I never heard back from the hospital, so I figured they looked at other applicants.  I started looking at other options and ended up being able to squeeze a full time EMT program Monday-Thursday (I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for four weeks.  The program starts next Monday the 9th and runs through the beginning of December.  My plan was to obtain my EMT-B and try to find a part time EMT job to accumulate my HCE.


Well today I received a phone call from the hospital I had applied at wanting to ask me some further questions and possibly invite me for an interview.  They left a message and I did not call back today as I wanted to think about my options - those being, thank them but deny the interview, obtain my EMT-B, and hopefully find a part time job that will give me better HCE than PTA and that I'll enjoy more, or take the safe route, cancel my EMT course, and work as a Physical Therapy Aide while finishing my prerequisites.


Just looking for some opinions.  I feel like I should continue with the EMT course; however, I don't want to obtain my EMT-B and then not find a part time job and be back to square one and miss out on a good opportunity with the PCA spot at a good hospital.  Thanks!

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PT aide is very limited. I actually interviewed for a PT aide position but turned it down because I wanted more than just patient interaction. If you want to be exposed to medical terminology, DDX, pharmacology, assessment and documentation, etc, you will not gain that through PTA but rather EMT-B, CNA (hospital base), back office MA, etc. 


If you want it just for HCE accumulation and nothing else go ahead and take it to get your feet wet. But it sound like you want more which means you will do what your gut is telling you.


An EMT license can open more doors as I have done it...former nursing assistant, radiology aide, and now working as a MA.

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Take the interview would be my advice. No two jobs with the same title are exactly alike. This particular PT job might be right for you. You'll never know unless you talk with them.


Getting the EMT training anyway is a good idea, even if you only use it to become a volunteer EMT with a 9-1-1 service (which is how I got into medicine 30 years ago).


Good luck!

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