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New Compensation Plan

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My current compensation is $100,969 per year guaranteed for 2 years, started February 2015.  The contract states that when I exceed 50%ile then I have the option to convert to the base guarantee and then get paid per RVU above the 50%ile before the 2 years are up. 


I have exceeded the 50%ile per my last metrics I just received yesterday. 


The new compensation plan for PAs starting Jan 2016 is base guaranteed pay of $106,325, plus RVU bonus above 50%ile.


BUT:  the company is now saying that I will stay at the $100,969 base pay plus RVU since that was my contracted base pay and I do not qualify for the 2016 base pay, but I can still convert to the RVU bonus system whenever I am ready, since I exceed the 50%ile.


The reason for the turn about is we are now completely acquired by the largest catholic organization in the US, and they are deciding to make all compensation plans organizational wide to be consistent.  Other PA/NPs in the eastern regions/states make far less than us in rural midwestern states, and some, so I hear, are used as scribes (at least the NPs are scribes).  


I have started the conversation that I believe that my base pay should be $106,325 starting 2016.  I have asked for equity and also to discuss with an administrator (who frankly I do not know at all as they have changed and my medical director just resigned due to severe medical reasons, and actually quit practicing all together).  I just found this information out today.


What is a good way to go about making my point and advocating for myself?


An NP was hired at the same time that I was and she is in the same boat, although I do not know if she has hit 50%ile yet.  She has already taken on a part-time administration position as a "fire -starter" (meaning that she counsels practitioners who are not producing to help them become efficient, etc, and is doing this in our region, so she is not seeing patients as much). 


I will not be speaking for her at all and plan on not mentioning her if I can get an audience with the compensation  administrator. 


Will it help that I saved the life of a patient today and they were having an evolving MI while in the office, and I got them appropriately cared for, and off to the ER with their abnormal EKG and elevated troponin at 2400?  (I doubt it will make a difference to physician administrators as , again, this new organization believes NPs have higher credentials than PAs). "facetiously penned". 


I will have an answer on Monday of who next to contact. 


I have all my metrics as does the administrator. 


We also have been asked to see 20% more patients and an NP was fired this week.   So I should have no problem as I am getting this NPs patients loaded onto my schedule. 


Needless to say, the very supportive FP/IM physicians are just as upset about all of this as the PAs/NPs and we all feel hamstrung and are short providers.  A new PA starts early December.  But one physician and and NP both are semi-retiring to part-time January 2016.


We are remote/rural/7,000 population city so recruiting has been dismal. 



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