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Grade Foregiveness

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I'm aware that CASPA doesn't recognize school's grade forgiveness policies, nevertheless I have a question. This is just a what if, I'm a little ways away from a CASPA app, but am beginning to be curious.


I have grade forgiveness from two community colleges from classes taken 25 and 18 years ago respectively. The forgiveness was done years ago itself (10+). Grades taken in those classes show up as "O" on the transcripts, if you call the school they won't provide any grade clarification on them.


Will CASPA calculate all the "O"'s on an application as F's? Not all the grades that I had forgiven were F's (some were D's and C-'s, though I can't honestly tell you which is which anymore).


It's not going to be the end of the world for me (I hope!) as I will be going the route of "please look at the last 60 hours of my coursework" anyway. But with all the O's changing to F's it could easily drop my GPA from a non-CASPA 3.9 to a 2.8 which could mean my apps would end up in a lot of round file cabinets.


If CASPA takes all the O's as F's, are there any other strategies on grade rehab that you might suggest?



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