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Anybody had difficulty with Board of Physicians?

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Can you be more specific?? I applied two weeks ago. Checked with the office and they had not received my application yet!!

Any history of trouble with re-enty candidtates?

Does it help to have a Johns Hopkins job lined up if you are asked to go beofree the Medical BOard?


Have they filled all the PA Board member seats yet?? Would seem the thing to do if we (PAs) are to be reviewed..some Docs have little knowledge of the "PA" certification process...at least that was my experience.

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My Christmas present ........my new Maryland PA License. It took about 6 weeks including a letter to clarify a question they asked. I haven't practiced in years to this was a BIG relief!! Now looking to use my new license in FP cardio or with any good practitioner...PM me.

Thanx and Good Luck to everyone!

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