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Class of 2013...Please help those who are applying next year....

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Good Evening;


Is it possible for those who were accepted this year provide future applicants with some info. (The following questions are based on how to possibly be eligible to exam. I am not asking exam or interview questions) I believe during and after the exam your on your own...


1> Can we know your average GPA?

2> Do they like to see shadowing experience?

3> Did you hang around the Medical Campus and meet and greet professors? Do you think this help?

4> Did you turn in extra letter of recommendation?

Thanks for any info...


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Hi Dear Fellows:

I am new in this forum, and eventually I am going to share with some of you guys the next two years at MDC. I am living in Southwest Florida, and I am looking for a place to live. As a student, I only need a room for studying and sleeping. If some of you know a place near to the medical campus, I would thank your cooperation in this important issue for me.

Best Regards


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