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Appeal for Your Support

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Dear fellow Washington PAs,


You may have seen me posting about my new headache referral center. This is the first PA-owned headache clinic in the country and one of the fist PA specialty clinics. Our doors have been open for almost two weeks now and it has opened to a full schedule stretching out for several weeks. However, Group Health Cooperative, the largest insurer in our region, until this point is choosing to boycott my clinic because it is PA owned. This is despite that fact that I've faithfully followed almost a thousand Group Health patients over the past eight years in a physician-owned clinic, with a very high satisfaction rate from both the patients and the referring PCP. This is also despite that fact that I'm offering equal (or better) care than about any other headache seeing practice in the state, but at a lower fee rate.


So I humbly ask that you would consider our clinic for your referrals for you chronic headache sufferers. Since headache is such a sub-specialty, I presently follow patients from the Seattle Metro area up to the suburbs of Vancouver, BC. We even have a few patients from Port Angles and as far away as Yakima.


So, if you are in this region, and your patients are willing to travel (those who travel more miles are often the most motivated to get better) please consider our clinic and please pass the work to your colleagues. Since Group Health, thus far, is taking a discriminatory position against PA-owned clinics I ask that my fellow PA, more than ever, give us your support. You can contact our office here and and phone 1 8555 Headache.


I am continuing to fight with Group Health and I will be happy to announce if they change their minds and come to their senses.




Mike Jones

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