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Specializing as a new grad...

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I will be graduating PA school in 2 months! Can't wait! So i'm on the hunt for a job and was hoping some of you practicing PA's could give me some advice. Before PA school I worked in neurophysiology as a technician, so my background is neurology stuff. I did a clinical rotation with the group of Neurologists I used to work for. They are wanting to hire a PA and offered a position to me. I enjoy working with all of them however my concern is that I feel I should do something more general just coming out of PA school to get a better knowledge base of medicine, such as Fam Med, Internal Med or ER.


What do you all think? I know I will learn a lot in neurology but I don't want to lose all the other stuff. I will be doing in-patient and out-patient so I feel i'll get some internal med with it.

I also realize that I just need a job! So part of me thinks I should take the neuro job and get some experience under my belt!



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A friend of mine graduated and specialized in Neurology right out of PA school and loves it. I think that new grads should choose an area that interests them. You will get your foundation wherever you end up in whether it is Cardio, Neuro, FP, or EMed. Different rules for different specialties. Just my two cents. Good luck to you!

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