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Help with a PA Personal statement rewrite any help appriciated

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I want a career where I can make a difference in the lives of others. I want to help people live better and healthier lives, and to be part of a medical team that relieves suffering and restores people to good health. Being a physician assistant (PA) is a profession that is challenging, provides an avenue for continuous learning, growth and opportunity. I believe a career as a PA will allow me to live a meaningful life by providing a valued community service. My experiences, education, and skills have led me to believe I would be a good candidate for PA school.

Waking up to a pager alarm might be a nightmare for some, but after being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on the Fire Department for seven years, it is a call to service. I learned the value of being a team member and have developed skills to manage emergency situations from patient care to traffic control. This experience gives me confidence that I can work well under pressure. The satisfaction that comes from helping an elderly person who has fallen to stabilizing a person involved in a motor vehicle accident is incomparable.

When I was asked why I wanted to be on the fire department I said I wanted to help people and give back to my community. I related how my experiences in high school as a peer mediator, manager of the school store and president of the student council helped me hone my interpersonal and leadership skills. They asked, "Do you plan to enter the medical field someday?" At eighteen, I was unsure exactly where in the medical field I fit, but I knew that I belonged there somewhere.

In college I continued my exploration of the medical field by working as an oral surgeon assistant. While working there I realized that I had a talent for putting people at ease. I took patient histories, explained procedures, and in general prepared patients for their consultation with the surgeon. On surgery days, I reviewed procedures with the patient again, took their vitals, and most importantly helped them feel comfortable. I knew I was doing my job well when the patients would visibly relax while I was talking to them.

Another aspect of my job was to assist three doctors during surgeries. I was constantly in awe of their skills and enjoyed how each worked, adjusting to their different personalities and styles. At first I was taken aback by how demanding they were, but soon came to appreciate their high expectations. Similar to my experience with the Fire Department, I realized that while the doctor was the leader, it took a team to make it all work. I was pleased when the doctors praised my initiative and ability to anticipate their needs.

As graduation got closer I made the decision to explore other career options before committing to further education. I took a position at XXX as a Manufacturing Associate. This position gave me many opportunities to use my biology and chemistry background. It also allowed me to develop my skills at teamwork, attention to detail, diagnosing problems and implementing remediation plans. The company recognized my abilities by sending me to England for six months and then to a plant in Hopkinton MA to help reorganize an under performing site. But after three years I still am not satisfied. Something is missing. I thought about all the jobs and activities that made me happy. Most rewarding was my work with patients both as an EMT and a surgical assistant. I decided then it was time for me to find my place back in the medical field.

After reading articles about the field of physician assistants and discussing the profession with a doctor, I began investigating the field in earnest. I have spent considerable time shadowing and learning about the profession with PAs and feel it is a good match. It will allow me to provide high quality patient care as a member of a treatment team while also allowing a high level of professional autonomy in decision making.

While shadowing Emily, a PA at Parkland Medical Center, I was able to see a Hospitalist at work. One of the most interesting cases I saw was a patient with increasing weakness, so much so that the patient could not lift his legs or arms. After doing many of the routine diagnostic tests all common ailments were ruled out leaving ALS. At what seamed like a dead end Emily consulted with her supervising physician and other specialists. She coordinated additional tests and started treating the patient with IVIG that started to reverse the symptoms. The relief that came with this treatment, although possibly temporary, gave the patient and family another chance at life. The efficiency, persistence and passion with which the PA and doctors worked together solidified my decision to pursue a career as a PA.

Becoming a PA is a natural culmination of my life experiences. Through didactic and clinical training I would enter a profession of continuous learning, growth and opportunity. I am excited to get started.

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