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Need an honest opinion on my chances of getting into a reputable PA program please!

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First off, I would like to introduce myself. Names Aaron and I've been working towards my goal of becoming a PA for about 6 years now. The more open houses I attended at Masters PA programs the more discouraged I become. I wanted to list some of my stats quick and without going into super detail get some honest opinions if I should go ahead and begin submitting applications.


-Just graduated with a BS in life science degree managed to receive a 3.3 GPA.

*I did NOT take O-chem but DID take Genetics and a evolutionary genetics course.*

-Currently possess my EMT-B & CPR instructor certifications.

-I have been in the clinical setting since the age of 17 when I started off as a patient transporter in a local level 1 trauma/ teaching hospital.

-Currently employed with a Medical Simulation center and participate in simulations educating all levels of providers. From CNA's to Graduating medical residents.

-712 hours of shadowing and around 3,000 hours of medical simulation experience.

-Letters of recommendation from Attending emergency medicine directors, MSN's, EMT-P's, and Professors.

-Medical missions trips totaling 4 months in Central & South America.

-Finally, I have five years of Spanish, two of which were Spanish medical terminology courses.


There is no doubt in my mind that I want to become a PA, its just been a long hard road. Between sickness in the family and leaving for medical missions trips randomly as natural disasters would strike my GPA slightly suffered. This combined with the fact that I was told at a Desales University open house that the average applicant has a GPA of 3.9 and 4,000 hours experience!


I hoping that my life experiences as well as diversity of background will give me a boost but I'm still hesitant to begin the application process. Should I be so nervous? What do you fine people think of my chances? Does being a male applicant help me at all? Of the four open houses I have attended I believe there was a maximum of 25 guys and hundreds of females. Should I go back and take o-chem course at the local CC?


I do not have an issue with moving to any school which accepts me, so there is no restriction on geographic area.


Or do I have nothing to worry about? :smile:


Thanks a ton!


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look at older programs that stress hce>gpa. not having o-chem will not hurt you unless you apply to programs that require it. many good programs do not.

talk about your spanish and volunteer activities a lot in your personal statement, these are things that set you apart from everyone else with a 3.3 gpa.

I would apply in your shoes. good luck.

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hey, I actually just got into a program... And you have way more health care experience than I do. Your GPA while not a 3.9, is not bad. Make sure you have a stellar GRE score. Play up all the stuff you did do, and focus on applying to programs that you have a decent shot of getting into. Maybe 2-3 reach... but from my research there are a bunch of good programs you can at the very least get interviews with... just impress them there. The orgo is not a big deal, unless its a prereq. As long as you have As and Bs on higher level science... you have a decent chance. Also, it helps A LOT to apply early. So either now as in June/July latest or next cycle April/ May.


Good luck Aaron

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I'd recommend taking a look at the websites of half a dozen or so PA schools that you might want to attend. There should be information about the pre-reqs they require and possibly information about the average stats of accepted applicants. FYI - the schools I looked into all required 1 year of bio with lab, 1 yr of general chem with lab, 1 yr of O-Chem with lab, microbiology, physics, psyche, sociology, etc. Just see how you match up. Then, take the ones you're missing at the community college. Get A's - it will bring up your GPA a bunch.


Call and/or visit PA schools now - with transcripts and resume in hand. Ask them for candid feedback on how you look as an applicant. I did this and most were willing to give me this feedback.


Also, see how they view your health care experience. Some might like it, others might not consider the simulation as high as direct patient contact.


After you've talking to a number of schools, you'll get a good feel for where you stand.

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congrats!!Were you accepted at Desales? what was your gre score? pls pm me if you can. I had no time to study for gre (only for 2 weeks b/w summer classes:-( bc i had to take it b/f a new format due to delay in scoring. So my score is above 1000 but AWA is only 3.0 :-( don't know if i should retake it or not:-(

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