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New Grad Primary Care Offer- What do you think?

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After some negotiation, both sides still open to more negotiating


Location: Northern CT/Southern Mass. Area


Outpatient Primary Care w/o hospital responsibilities - 3 doc and 1 PA private practice


35-40hr work week, likely 4 days/week, work 1/6 weekends (saturday and half a day sunday) with make up time off the following week, on call 1/6 evenings once up to speed (earliest would be 6 months in) which does not require coming to office. Rotating holiday coverage. Expectation that I start at 1 patient per hour and then increase as I become more comfortable to around 20 patients per day. Very flexible with my schedule and what days and hours I'd like to work. It seems that it would be easy to schedule my off day during the week well in advance if I needed a 3 day weekend or had some other event to attend.


Salary offer: $100,000 after some negotiation, with guaranteed 5-10% raise after year one based on performance reviews or incentive pay (25% of collections - cost of employment) added onto base pay after 1 year (my choosing) 


Vacation: 2 weeks


Sick Time: 1 week - (1 week of vacation and 3 days of sick time can be carried over per year to the next year or can be paid out at an hourly rate of 50$/hr)


CME: 2,000/yr and 1 week exclusive of the other 3 weeks (so 4 weeks off per year)


Health Insurance: will pay 100% of my monthly premiums of a plan of my choosing through our states health exchange.


Dental/Vision: 60$ per month total


Stipends: will pay for uniforms, medical equipment, UptoDate, etc independent of CME money


Retirement: practice contributes 12% of annual salary into an IRA, beginning in the 2nd year of employment. 


Malpractice: 1mil/4mil occurence coverage - both parties are still looking into tail coverage (they have not hired a new provider in many years so are still doing some research on this at my request)


No disability or life insurance


No non-compete, 6 weeks notice required by either party prior to termination


100% of licensing, professional organization fees, DEA, etc paid for by practice





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12% salary into IRA? 4 day work weeks? On top of a six figure salary for primary care?... I would think you are signing on the spot.


Congrats on the negotiation. A few benefits are missing, but overall a solid offer for a new grad. Do you know how much you're paying for health insurance through exchange? That's where it may kick you in the rear. If you have a family it can climb to $800 a month for a decent plan. That's $10k a year right there.

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