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GRE TEST PREP: Kaplan or Magoosh? Or something else?

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Hello everyone, I am nearly finished with my pre-requisites and looking into GRE prep. I am usually a diy person but there are some test taking "tricks" and I don't know the strategies...

Any input on this?

Are there other test prep programs you would recommend?

Thanks so much, everyone


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Magoosh has been the program of choice when it comes to GRE (in my opinion). I hardest part of GRE isn't the complexity of content, its the time restriction. Magoosh provides you with lots of practice tests to really hammer down timing.The simple fact that you are investing in a test prep program/material pretty much ensures your success on the GRE, assuming you utilize the materials. 


Best of luck.

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I liked the Kaplan review book, but the actual test was about 10X more difficult than the practice exams.

Magoosh has a good mobile application which was nice to use for those few minutes before falling asleep, during commercials, or when someone else is driving.


Mostly, though, if you are a DIY person, buy the book and make your own flashcards from the high frequency material. That's what I did. And because I have an amazing group of friends, I'd have them over and give them a stack of cards when they walked in the door. I supplied them with food and drinks while they used their vocabulary cards in conversation throughout the night. I had a dry erase board set up by the table so at any time someone could get up and write an equation on the board. We'd all have to do it, but it was up to the writer to explain the solution.

This method touched on all of the learning styles...I had to read the words and definitions, I had to write them to make the cards, I got to hear them out loud in context, and I got to see and hear someone else explain it. And my friends totally rocked it, too. It was fun!... Maybe for them it was the quality of drinks I provided, but there's no denying how much I learned.


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Benchprep.com!! Hands down. It's about $15 a month and it's (obviously) online. You input the date you want to take the exam and it breaks down the entire curriculum by how much you need to do each day. Does excellent math reviews, in my opinion. Felt welt prepared for the exam. And this is my opinion after doing two full length Kaplan books. Way too cumbersome and unnecessary.

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I also had great results with Magoosh.
They were almost like a personal tutor. If I didn't understand the question and how to get the answer they gave, I'd shoot them an email and would get a detailed explanation as to why from their team. 
The practice questions were similar to the ones I found on the actual test. Being able to see how much time I spent on which types of questions was so helpful. 
I think it also helped me get used to taking the test on the computer. 
Raised my score a good 10 points in each section.

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I agree with wordsworth, Benchprep.com was awesome for me. I'm definitely a DIY person myself but I had limited time when I started studying - only about a month (maybe less, I don't remember exactly) and benchprep was the best tool for studying at my own pace while also making things like flashcards and practice tests for me. I got a pretty high score and it definitely helped me get an interview at the program I've been accepted to. I thought Benchprep in particular did a very thorough job at reviewing math, which I haven't studied in years. Highly recommended!

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Several years ago I just borrowed a couple books from the library and did pretty well. My sister went to the Kaplan class for lots of $$$. They have a guarantee that you will improve your score from your pre-test to the real test. She didn't. It went down a little. The "guarantee" was that she could take the class over again for free, but if it didn't help the first time why waste more time and effort on doing the same thing again?

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