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Contract Negotiations

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Hi all. Wanted to run contract negotiation by you all and get some advice.

I have been a graduate for 5 years. I have worked in a PMR practice the entire time since graduation in NC. My duties consist of

1.on call weekends covering inpatients in our rehab center, and telephone call for our skilled nursing facilities on that weekend. 

2. Weekday clinic hours where I see an average of 20 patients, and do imaging guided procedures and of course order spinal procedures for our 3 docs (2 of which are owners of the practice, other doc is employee like me). 

3. Inpatient rehab consults which I do M-F and of course the weekends I'm on call.


My contract recently expired and we are in the process of renegotiating. I was earning 91K as base with Qrtly bonus. I get heath, malpractice insurance through practice. I did have 401k  match but owners did away with it given cost issues earlier this year. Apparently my MA's salary is considered to be part of the cost factor to keep me and she is paid off my revenue.


Bonuses have not been what I consider great giving how many people I see, what I do and am able to do in the office, and the amount of work I put in.  We had  a part time PA who is leaving for maternity leave and will not be returning. I offered to extend office hours to compensate for her loss, as a good faith offer during negotiation. I also requested an RVU based salary/bonus structure. The RVU system was shot down.  




Any ideas? They would be appreciated.

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I was making more than you in primary care, minimal procedures, 2 years after graduation.  If they won't negotiate, they won't negotiate.  You don't say how many hours at which thing, but it certainly sounds like you're putting in plenty of time for a marginal compensation.

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