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Advising Physician vs. Physician Advisor

Guest Paula

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Two new terms to use instead of collaboration.  I read this in a brief report that either term could be used when advocating for PA autonomy with state legislators.  AAPA model state legislation uses collaboration and the report I read attributed the suggestive language to an AAPA staff member.


What do you think of the terms?


I do not like either.


Advising Physician has the essence of supervision to me.  Physician Advisor makes me think of when I was in school and had an advisor.  I am a credentialed and practicing PA so I don't need a physician advisor.  Besides , if I have a physician advisor I now have a PA of my own.  So a PA advising a PA. 


I like collaboration.  I don't care that some think of it as an NP word.  



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Those names are horrible. We must not step on Doc's toes with our name -- it's a losing battle, confusing at best, and really just inappropriate. I wish we could completely take physician out of our title... as well as assistant.  Clinical Associate or something like that makes more sense to me.. Although I could live with Physician Associate because the initials would stay the same and keep things simple and hopefully avoid more confusion.  BUT, Assistant has got to go! 

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