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I am on my OB-GYN rotation. For a couple days a week my preceptor sees drug addicts, pregnant or not, and prescribes them Suboxone to help them control their addiction. As part of the therapy he does urine tox screens. In the past, he has not made any money off of a tox screen. That is until 2 guys in suits came in telling him to use their tox screen tests and then they would show him how to "bill properly" and make 233 dollars off each test. And its working. Medicaid is paying 233 per test. He sees a number of these patients a week and one could see how the revenue is going to pile up quickly. This is great for the doc, but terrible for medicaid and the rest of the taxpayers. There are multiple clinics in the area following this plan. I wish I could give more details about the billing plan, but I do not have the info. But my point is that this is ridiculous. Anybody heard of anything like this? I guess I am basically looking for someone to say that they've heard of a scam like this and it gets caught.

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