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CME (Chicago Course) Resource binder

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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if anyone who has taken the CME/Chicago (5day) review course still had their resource binder. After a long break from graduation due to family problems (several deaths), I am retaking the PANCE (after missing the mark by a few points) and I REALLY need some help. At this point its been really hard for me to look at the same review materials I already have. I would LOVE to actually attend the course but, considering that it cost $829 and is less than 4 weeks away, that doesnt seem feasible. If anyone has taken the course recently or w/in the last year and would be willing to sell or even LOAN (i know thats a stretch, but I would make sure to return it) their resource binder, it would be a GREAT help!!! I have the EMORY DVD but it doesnt seem to hit all of the Blueprint pts. I also have a couple of review books that I would be willing to exchange... my email is ladybugg.pa@gmail.com or you can just private message me. After such a trying year, I am really looking forward to getting the PANCE under my belt so that I can enjoy doing what Ive worked so hard for. I would appreciate anyone's help.


Thank you

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